Our Art Teachers

Diana Moll

Art Teacher/Owner

Heroni Bellow

Art Teacher/Owner

"Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God." - Julia Cameron

Let Your Creativity Wander

We want to to succeed in your creativity.

  • Just because you may not be able to draw, should not stop your creativity, we sell tracings for you to copy on to your canvas.
  • You want options? Our paintings come with options, your painting will be you, not just a copy of what we want you to paint.
  • We set you for success not failure. Most painting places make you mix your own paints, we offer you many premixed color options. Why make purple with blue and red when you can paint with purple?

We offer many painting options too, LIVE if you live in the Atlanta ahead, ZOOM in from anywhere in the World, or join us for FREE on Facebook live.

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You learn, have fun and laugh

I really enjoyed the class. The instructor’s are super approachable and nice. I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves art. When you are in this type of setting sharing these kind of moments with friends they become sweet memories. You learn, have fun and laugh with and at each other. It is a time to unwind and just kick it


Diana & Heroni’s passion is contagious

What a fun experience, being able to take away a creation that will last for years is a pretty cool perk! Diana & Heroni’s passion is contagious, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of! Thanks for a great time!

Anna Sander

Painting is Like Traveling, Getting There is Half the Fun

Join Us LIVE

If you live in the Atlanta Area, come join us LIVE!  Limited space.  If you have a space you would like us to travel to around the Atlanta area, contact us.


We have limited ZOOM space for you to join.  This is your chance to ask questions and get our personal feedback in real time.  Grab a friend or 10, and make it a ZOOM Painting  party.

Facebook Live

For FREE, join us on Facebook live.   Link our Facebook group link Here.   Video will later be transferred to a video and stored in our collection to purchase.